Front Projection or Rear Projection. 6’x6’ to 50‘x50’. It doesn’t get simpler than this.

rent control technical specs

We've done the show as small as 6'x6' to 50'x50'

The show can adapt to any space.

We've done it with 50 lighting cues, and only two... open and close... : )

I only require a chair, a sound system, a projector (front or rear,) and a screen

I sit in the chair
I stand in front of the chair
I move to the left of the chair
I move to the right of the chair
I move behind the chair: 

6 spots and a general wash.

There are no props

I bring a ukelele

Any arm chair with a solid back will do

I can load in and tech the show in as little as 4 hours

I run the play on QLab from my MacBook Air

There are 140 combined sound cues and projections

I can teach a technician – who follows along with a calling script – only hitting the space bar on cue

It couldn't be easier to slot this thing

I've performed in over a dozen theaters, in three different countries

I taught the show to a guy who barely spoke English, in Costa Rica, in one afternoon

Rent Control fits in a small theater or a main stage

It can certainly fill a main stage with laughter

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