"A struggling actor falls backwards into an NYC rent-controlled apartment and turns it into a lucrative AIRBNB scheme in this wild-but-TRUE one-man show. Watch Evan Zes portray nearly 30 characters as they close in on him and threaten to ruin his life in this cautionary tale of greed and redemption."

Something CRAZY happened to me about a year and a half ago that could only happen in New York. It involved my rent-controlled apartment on the Upper East Side. Every time I go out to dinner or to meet some friends at a bar, within 3 minutes I hear everyone talking about their living situation, because EVERYBODY who lives in New York has an apartment story. 

Well, this crazy thing that happened to me, as it was happening, I thought to myself, “Pay attention, cuz one day this is going to make a great story. It’s not a great story now because it’s happening to me and I want to die. But someday…"

I didn’t die. Now, I’m glad that crazy thing happened to me because I wrote a play about it.


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